Books for You & Books for Your Kids

Latest addition : September 7, 2009

The internet can provide you with a lot of resources, but sometimes a book is the best way of getting the information that you actually need. Here are books to help you talk with your kids as well as books to give to your child about growing-up and all that…

Many of the websites for parents provide lists of books, videos and other publications that can help prepare you for your conversations with your child about sex and sexual health. A book can also, often much better than busy internet sites, provide your child with the information they need, when they are ready for it, and it is a great alternative for a younger child.

- Answers (Rutgers University) have their books for parents and kids divided into three groups:

- Planned Parenthood suggests books both for you and your child on their Parent Resource page

- Advocates for Youth has a large number of publications and videos on Parent-Child Communication that you can read online or order